- It's Christ in you, the hope of glory. Col 1:27 - Our only hope of glory is Christ in us. - It's Christ in you, the hope of glory. Col 1:27 - Our only hope of glory is Christ in us. - It's Christ in you, the hope of glory. Col 1:27 - Our only hope of glory is Christ in us. -
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The linked articles, outlines, and stories may be used for the 
proclamation of the Word of our Mighty God.  

God bless you,  Neil Tolman

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Life of A Believer:

Addiction Worksheet
Anchored Outside Time And Space
Anointed To Preach
Before The Wold Began
Believing = Receiving
Believing: You Choose
Believing: The Key
Be Ye Thankful
Blessed Beyond The Curse
Born of Seed
Certain Encounters
Christ in you: Names
Dare We Believe?
Does God Change?
Don't Dam It, Let It Flow
Do You Feel Free?
End of the Law
Finding Where You Belong
Finding Your Fit
Freedom/Bondage: You Choice
From Law To Grace
From The Flip-Side: Satan's Lament
Generational Curses Lie
Give Yourself A Hand
Giving Up Your Authority
God 101 Quiz
God is Working
God - Satan
God's Truth Is Simple
God vs. Science
Greatest Miracle
Have You Given Your Life To Jesus?
In Christ
It's About The Anointing
Jesus On The Cheap
John 10:10
Judgment of God
Law Of Believing
Little Words Make A Big Difference
Ministry of Reconciliation
New Day
Our Father
Pearls of Power
Pigs   Col 2
Praise You Father
Search For Real Power
Severed Hand
So What
Sons and Daughters of God
Throw Me A Rope
To Those Who Labor Under Religious Oppression
Two Great Kingdoms
What Business Are You In?
Where's The Beef
Woman At Well

The Church:

Army Ants
Blathering Spirits
Church Of Satan
Hear The Word Of God
How Much Is Enough?
Joel's Army
Marks of a False Prophet
No Hooks
No Corporation Needed
One Gospel
Paul's Gospel
Partnership One With Another
Prophetic Poo
Satan Is A Fine Baker
Satan Loves The Church
Sheep Know The Shepherd's Voice
Ten Commandments
The Church
Vision: Keep It Simple
We Are Counter Cultural
Wells Without Water
What Is Jesus Doing?
Wheres The Church
Where's The Kingdom?

Outlines - Diagrams:

End of the Law
Faith - Law
Getting It
Grace: Free, Equal, Powerful
Levels of Knowledge
Manifesting Holy Spirit
Only One Diagnosis Is From God
Power and Information Manifestations

Renewed Mind Outline and Charts:
    Renewed Mind Outline
    2 Kinds of Knowledge
    Anything But God
    The Heart of the Mind
    Changing Thought Habits
    Stairs of Self-Righteousness

Rightly Dividing The Word
The Word Of God

Audio Files:

Free Simple Fellowship
Biddeford, Maine