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The Renewed Mind

Some say that the bible has little to say about the working of the human mind.   But the Word of God provides a treasure trove of minute detail about the nature of our thoughts, the thought process, and our resulting believing.  Our levels of thought, cognition, and mind-set are clearly seen in the Koine Greek language used in the New Testament.  There are over 50 distinct Greek words used to describe the working of the mind.  In the King James Version we see these words translated as mind, minded, mindful, minding, minds, heart, hearts, think, thought, thoughts, knew, knewest, know, known, knowledge, discerned, discerner and many other English words that blur the precise meanings of the Greek.  (Continued below)

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For instance there are at least 14 distinctly different Greek words with individual meanings translated as the single English word "mind."  God does not use words randomly.  Each word in the bible was chosen with great specificity for the exact connotation that it carries.  Fourteen distinctly different aspects of the mind are being described yet in English we only get one word: "mind."  This results in great confusion and ignorance of what God has to say about the working of our mind.  What God made abundantly clear, mankind has muddled in deceitful translation. 

Those of us who have been thoroughly "churched" can recall months-long mind-numbing series on the building of the temple or some organization's "values" and "doctrines"  but we have never heard a detailed study of the working of the mind from a biblical basis.  Do you wonder why?  The understanding of God's desire for us to renew our mind with the rightly divided Word of God negates all of the religious fear, guilt and control of the denominations.  Far from being set free, our "churching" has led us further into bondage and fear.   We can renew our mind only to the extent that we understand the rightly divided Word of God.  

To ignore God's directive to us as His children to renew our mind is to reject the blessings promised to us.  A life lived with a mind unrenewed is a life of misery.  There is none more miserable than a Christian who lives in fear and guilt.   If they find enjoyment in something they immediately feel guilty.  Then they feel guilty for feeling guilty because they are after all supposed to be blessed.   Then they go about to make others around them feel guilty so they are not alone in their guilt.  We as a people have been taught that the bible holds no real answers beyond religious fear. Preach on brothers! It is no wonder that people turn to the tabloids and Oprah for answers instead of renewing their mind as we are directed. 

Everything worth knowing about the workings of our mind and how to be transformed by renewing of our mind is freely provided in the Bible.  We simply have to choose to do as God asked us:  Rightly divide the Word of Truth.

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