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Christ In You

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The promises of God are to Christ in you; the "new man." All spiritual blessing have been given to us in Christ. It is Christ in you. We pace, sweat and work wanting God to do something. We say: "If only God would ..... " God has done His work and completed it in Christ. It is Christ in you! The completed work of Christ is in you. If you still think there is more to be done, you don't see the finished work of Christ. God has moved mightily! Now it's our turn to believe and walk out in the completed work of Christ.

He is always with us and as we walk out in faith signs will follow just as the bible promises. Signs and wonders are what happens when spiritual blessing are manifested in the physical realm. We witness a multitude of signs and wonders but we don't recognize them or give God the credit. We think we produced them.  (Continued below)

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If you are born again you are anchored outside time and space. Your foundation is not of this world. God only sees Christ in you. When you rest in Him and reckon your old man dead the turmoil of the flesh loses control. "Trying harder" doesn't work. Either you are or you aren't. If you are trying to be, you're not. If you have not experienced Christ, you cannot understand the Gospel. The truths of God are spiritually discerned. Understand comes only when we respond to God's call in Christ delivered by the Holy Spirit. The Gospel is not good news to the natural man. It is only good news to the Kingdom of God.

Most of the "church" is still trying to set up an earthly kingdom. Just before Jesus was arrested and crucified the disciples still thought that an earthly kingdom was to be set up. They just didn't get it. The olive tree was cut down and a new branch grafted in. It is Christ in you! The revelation of the "mystery" or something not known before was given to Paul. A new branch was grafted into the rootstock of faith. The blessings of Abraham by faith are the root that was renewed with new growth. The law was completed. It is Christ in you, the "new man," the Holy Spirit indwelling in you; the new you. It's your move!


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