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It is written in Luke 4:4, that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. Satan has from the beginning attempted to suppress the word of God. Honest, unbiased presentation of the word of God is rare.  Through the past two centuries, there have been brief bursts of progress in honest presentation of the word of God. In each instance Satan has succeeded in building a religion that exalts the person that presented the true word of God.

The truths of the Bible must be very carefully extracted from poor translations and traditions. The truth must be presented boldly in spite of opposition. As workman we must rightly divide the word of truth, not by the word of men, but "by every word of God." (Luke 4:4)

We are called out of the Devil's world into God's Church; a counter culture that stands in stark contrast to the world around us. We have become a new community with a distinct purpose: The ministry of reconciliation.  God's promises to the church as a whole are delivered through individuals who choose to believe them, and then operate those received promises in partnership with other like-minded believers.

We have not been called out of the world to play organizational ego games, but to stand firm in our partnership with God through Jesus Christ and with one another. If we assemble together for any other reason, we are not the church but part of the world around us. Indeed, the purpose of our assembling together is to edify (build up) each individual until we all reach the maturity of Christ. Only when each individual is being edified, is our assembly the church of God and not the assembly of Acts 19:32.

The central issue of the church is "koinonia" (partnership). God has called us into partnership with him. He has called us out of the society we were physically born into and into a new and better society called the body of Christ, the church. In the church, we are instructed to be in partnership with each other. It is to be in partnership with one another impossible if we are not in partnership with God. To understand the church we must understand our "koinonia" (partnership) with God through Christ and with one another.

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    By Neil Tolman

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