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A Holy New Race

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That which is Spirit is Spirit, and that which is flesh is flesh.   Spirit and flesh are at odds with one another.  How easily we get drawn into thinking that fleshly things are somehow Spiritual.  We have two separate births.   First we are born of the flesh.  We inherit our the characteristics and fleeting life span from our parents.  The flesh will die.   The second birth is of the Spirit.  Our Spiritual self will never die.  We inherit all of the characteristics and eternal life from our spiritual parent, God. 

We each are the consequence of a unique mixture and blending of DNA that makes us irreparably part of a human fleshly family.  Every human being since Adam and Eve have inherited flawed DNA that has a limited life span.  Like it or not we are a part of the seed of Adam.  The indelible stain of sin is not just skin deep, but instead is thoroughly part of every molecule of our make up. 

The human race was driven from the presence of God and barred from approaching again.   God placed armed angels at the gates to prevent the tainted humans from trying to return to defile His holy and undefiled presence. Do you remember the tower of Babel?  Mankind tried.   After Adam and Eve’s treason and spiritual death all that was left was the fleshly hulk that is enmity to God who is Spirit.  The fleshly man has absolutely nothing that is capable of pleasing or impressing God.  

Jesus came to reconcile mankind to God.  He came to bridge the gap between unholy and Holy.   But flesh is still flesh and unholy.  God as Spirit is still Holy.  Jesus Himself said that Flesh and blood shall not inherit the kingdom of God.  Jesus paid the ultimate once for all time, once for all people price for reconciliation.  But did he make flesh holy?  No!  Did he remove the sword swinging angels from the garden of Eden?   No!   Did he make even one human’s fleshly body live forever?  No!

Jesus came to create a new race: A new holy race of man:  Not of this world but instead out of heaven.  A new race born of God’s seed that inherits the characteristics and life span of the Father God.   This new and holy race could not be generated by the contaminated fleshly seed of Adam. But it could be generated by the spiritual seed of God:  The Spirit of Christ which God has placed in each one of his new children.  Each one of us who are born of God’s seed have the Spirit of Christ in us.  And God has placed each and every one of us in Christ in heaven lies at His own right hand. 

God’s new human race is Spiritual.  God’s new holy family is not of this world but instead we are a heavenly people.  We are heirs of God, sharing fully with Jesus the Christ.  Our compatibility with God is in the spiritual realm.  Our inheritance is in the spiritual realm.  We have all of God’s blessings which flow out of the spiritual realm.   Spiritual, we are born of untainted, unstained seed.  We were born holy and will always be holy. 

Yet, for now we inhabit this defective fleshly body.  Our flesh rages against the Spirit of Christ within us because they are irreconcilable and war one against another.  In our mind in every moment, ether one is the victor or the other.    They cannot and do not agree.  For our sojourn here on earth we have been given the task of renewing our mind to the Spirit.  It is our choice whether we are lead by the flesh or the Spirit.  All else God has completely and decisively done for us.  He chose us, called us, birthed us, loved us, gave His Son for us, adopted us, blessed us, empowered us and gave us a new name.  Our one part is to choose to live in the light of the Spirit instead of the darkness of the flesh. 

Yet from the moment the first person was born again and the new holy family of God appeared, the flesh has raged, befuddled and mislead generations of saints.  Where do you find members of God’s holy family?  In the strangest of places:  John McCain tells of his brief experience with a fellow believer dressed as an enemy guard.   I’ve a distant relative now gone who told of praying with a dieing saint he had shot who was wearing the uniform of the unthinkably evil Hitler.   We find ourselves in the midst of political, religious, and business organizations that are entirely flesh.  We live in a fleshly world.  We walk around in fleshly bodies that are moldering away.  Our old man is flesh but the real “live forever” spiritual man is NOT of the flesh. 

We are Spirit yet our unrenewed mind is easily drawn into fleshly endeavors.  We have all submitted ourselves at one time or another to fleshly religion.   From the beginning fallen man has attempted to regain the presence of God.  The angels at the gate with flaming swords have not fallen asleep.  Flesh still can not enter into the Spiritual realm nor can the flesh please God.   Flesh is still contrary to and incompatible with the Spirit of God.  Yet fleshly religion continues to build abuse based organizations that run entirely on self righteousness to lure and subjugate mankind.  Jesus came to set us free from religion of sin and death.  God is Spirit and those who worship Him do so in Spirit and truth.   Not the flesh. 

This web page is dedicated to helping others to first see and then walk in the freedom that only the Spirit of Christ can provide. 


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