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Link to ebook:  Neither went I up to Jerusalem

If you are feeling particularly bold, ask your denominational pastor why he or she does not teach the mystery gospel of Christ. Paul’s gospel is dangerous and radical. It challenges most of the accepted church practices and many church doctrines. Like Paul in his day, those who teach the true gospel are held in contempt by performance based religion’s minions. But the Word of God still
stands true.

We have been taught to study the Bible like a flock of chickens eating corn. At best, we’ve been taught to peck away, randomly taking the pieces that look best to us while scratching the small pieces into the dirt. At worst, we are fed selectively by our religious breeders with premixed doctrinal pressed pellets.

Each religious denomination has its own mix. They distribute their chicken feed in the form of doctrinal textbooks, sermon outlines, Sunday-School lessons, pamphlets, magazines and by word of mouth. Each group approaches the Bible with their own prewritten list of doctrines.

Like the ramp that leads down to the plucking machine, the doctronal lists lead us to the conclusions the farmers planned for us. Deviate from the list and you will no longer be welcome in the chicken coop.

Not many chicken farmers are pleased with chickens that understand their freedom. The farmer would like very much to keep you inside the fence laying eggs and getting fattened up for the plucking.

Beware: The book of Galatians will take you out side the fence and show you your freedom. May your wings never be clipped again.   Neil

Stand fast therefore
in the liberty
wherewith Christ hath made us free
and be not entangled again
with the yoke of bondage.
Galatians 5:1

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